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At Jun Lin we customise our treatments to your specific needs, the style of each treatment is an indication only, we will combine a few different techniques to design your individualised treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

TCM is an ancient holistic system that has been practiced for over five thousand years. It recognises that body, mind, spirit and emotions are interconnected and that all must be addressed for true healing to take place. Jun Lin uses highly specialised TCM techniques such as tui-na massage, guasha, cupping and moxibustion to help achieve a natural, healthy state of being. we also recognise that an individual customised pain-relieving massage is essential for regular management of aches and soreness.


Treatment Length    30mins / 45mins/ 60mins / 90mins / 
Price                           $55     /  $75      /  $90    /   $130  /   

Moxibustion / Cupping / Guasha TCM or Guasha SPA  / Dry Needling (combined with massage)

  30mins / 45mins/ 60mins / 90mins / 
  $60   /  $80      /  $110    /   $150  /  

Massage Treatments

Shiatsu / Remedial Massage / Traditional Chinese Massage / Balance Chinese Massage / Deep Tissue Massage / Swedish Massage

Treatment Length    30mins / 45mins/ 60mins / 90mins /
Price                          $55     /  $75      /  $90    /   $130  /

Five Elements Aromatherapy Massage:

Treatment Length    30mins / 45mins/ 60mins / 90mins / 120 mins/
Price                          $60     /  $80      /  $95    /   $135  /    $165   /

Hot stone massage:

Treatment Length    60mins / 90mins / 120 mins/
Price                          $110    /   $145  /    $170   /

Oriental Thermal Infusion Hot Compress Massage

Experience Chinese Massage at its best with this deeply therapeutic combination of massage performed with thermal sand/herbal compresses and five elements aromatherapy oils.

Treatment Length    30mins / 45mins/ 60mins / 90mins / 
Price                          $70     /  $90    /  $120   /   $160  /  

Shirodhara Deluxe Deep Relaxation Package

This treatment begins with a herbal foot bath and lower leg and foot exfoliation. Your sweet and savory scrub will plunge your senses into a garden of delicious scents to reveal your skin's original softness and beauty. A sacred body massage using Ayurvedic oils ina rhythmic succession of rolling and deep smoothing, nuturing movements is performed. Your head will be positioned under the oil 'fountain' whereby slow-flowing oil will stream gently onto the forehead. Your experience is completed with a head massage and hand/arm and foot/lower leg reflexology treatment.

60 mins $130

90 mins $170



This treatment applies Chinese acupressure, Hot stones, Five elements essential oils, scalp and foot reflexology massage all in one treatment.

Treatment Length     90mins / 120 mins/
Price                            $150    /   $200  /

2 Phase Acute and Chronic Pain Reliever  (Hobart branch)

Infra-red Sauna (60 mins) + Tailored Massage (60 mins)

    2 Hours - $120 

3 Phase Acute and Chronic Pain Reliever  (Hobart branch)

Infrared sauna (30 mins) + Geisha Spa (30 mins) + Tailored Massage (60 mins)

Eases pain and relaxes the muscles in the therapeutic sauna and Geisha Spa in Dead sea Salts rich in of vital minerals. Followed by an individual tailored massage treatment. 

FAR infrared sauna - Available at Hobart branch only

$40 for first person and $25 extra for an extra person.

The first person is also discounted to $30 if the sauna is taken in conjunction with another treatment.

We also have 4 prepaid sauna visits for $100 available for people wanting to use the saunas regularly